Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rifle update!

Rifle had radio graphs done yesterday. Dr Patipa was very patient with our patient Rifle. It was hard and at first, frightening for him to stand on a block of wood that was not feeling secure under his hoof. In order to get the ex-rays done, he had to off of the ground. He has plenty of rotation but there is hope. After a month or two of trimming, we can get him some good boots that may make him much more comfortable walking. There are other alternatives but we will see as we progress as to what direction to go.

Now for the Clean-Up day in Jasper at Mrs.G's. She said we should call her June. Can you all, or some of you, came and help Saturday from 11am to 3pm ? February 18. We can also go Feb.19 in the afternoon if anyone can go. e need nails, hammers, rakes, shovels wheel barrows,a s gloves. Lori from Sunkissed Acres Horse Rescue donated a roll of red top wire. We can rewire the pigs pen, clean up the property. Most of it is old wood laying around, maybe trim some bushes, burn old hay, just help. June is 78 years old and her husband, now deceased, kept the place nice. She'll show you pictures. She tries hard and I am happy to help. Come join us. She lives west of Jasper, GA. Take 515 to hwy 53, west to hwy 136 connector, then north to Tilley Road. It is Googled as Tilley Road, Talking Rock, GA.

Tilley Road is only on the right, go about 1/2 mile and you will see chicken houses on the right. She is the next place . Can't miss it.

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