Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lost Horse? I think NOT!

Finding a horse could mean an very worried owner is looking for her or it could mean the horse was dumped for a reason. What is this case?

Lost Horse?

A 'Save The Horses' volunteer, Deb, was heading out to the rescue farm with her kids. As she drove down Franklin Goldmine Rd, she spotted a horse just standing about 200 feet off the road in an abandoned subdivision. They pulled over, grabbed their halter and she left her daughter there with the horse while she came to tell us. We quickly hooked up the trailer. Not knowing what to expect, I was shocked to see the swelling to the mares head and neck. I thought it may be a snake or spider bite but I had suspicions in the back of my mind that is was something else. As soon as we got back to the barn, I gave her a steroid injection. The veterinarian was on her way out but I was anxious that the swelling might get so bad she would suffocate. Hurry Dr. Amanda! While we waited, we cold hosed her neck. It felt like tiny bubble wrap under her skin on her face and neck.

The Vet examined the mare and determined she was about 20 something years old. We looked closely for any type of bite or puncture marks but didn't find any at that time. Maybe when the swelling goes down, we will have a better answer. It usually takes 24 hours for swelling like that to recede. The vet also gave me more steroids to help reduce the swelling quickly. Three days passed and there was little change. Maybe it wasn't a bite at all. The images in my head when I first saw her were not pretty. I wondered if she had been roped with a lasso and then yanked over on her back. She did have a cut just about her tail. It was about 7 inches long and fresh when we found her. It was skinned of it's hide. How'd that happen?

Just across the street from where we found her, is a farm run by people who do things to horses I cannot watch. I have driven by and saw men on horses chasing other very frightened horses. They were chasing horses with lasso's trying to rope them. They had smiles on their faces and enjoyed the chase. The horses were running for their lives. Could this have been what happen to the mare we picked up? This is all speculative on my part. Dr Amanda and I discussed what seems to be a torn trachea. That's why the swelling didn't go down quickly like it would have from poision of a snake or spider. I think the lassoed her, flipped her over. Then saw all the swelling. She may have lost consienciousness as well. Maybe they took her to the back of the abandoned subdivision and left her for dead.

Someone told me the saw these men in the subdivision that day. When we drove over with the trailer, the men were out there and saw us taking the horse, loading her in the trailer. They didn't stop us, ask us any questions or seem to care that we were taking this mare.

April 18th, when Forsyth County arrested a man for animal cruelty including 4 dead horses, it made me think the pieces fit to the puzzle of what happened to this mare.

We named her Clover. I didn't call the Sheriff. I didn't want to make accusations without proof. I also wanted her taken care of and treated kindly. I can see the distant look in her eye. I was scared for her safety. Maybe I didn't do the right thing. Maybe I should have reported a found horse but I did what was in my heart. Was she a lost horse? I think Not! Remember, this is just my opinion.


Doris said...

Oh Cheryl, she looks so frightened. She reminds me of the two that I have here. I read the news article, that is the road your place is off of isn't it? They had 4 dead horses? That area is populated and no one saw them? OMG they better throw the books at him! This has got to stop. How is her swelling now?

Horseinc said...

This was written by Steve Cook for Clover. Very touching.

The bad ones chased me and laughed at my fear
My strength was gone and death was near
When my legs no longer had the strength to run
And my lungs felt like fire, and each breath did burn
The bad ones caught me, and brought me down
...The laughed and jeered as I fell to the ground
A lasso around my neck so tight
I no longer had the will to fight
I lie in pain as they stood around
They laughed at me for falling down
I knew each breath would be my last
My time on earth was passing fast
I was ready to go to a better place
Away from the fear and the bitter disgrace
Again they returned and forced me to stand
And they led me away to a desolate land
I was glad to be away from those that did me harm
But I was alone now, no familiar pasture or barn
My stomach cried for food, and my thirst was so deep
But none was to be found, I stood alone and weeped
I heard the sound I'd heard before
I knew they were coming back to torture me more
Voices coming toward me, my fear began to rise
But there was something different in these humans eyes
For like me as I wept in pain
I saw tears falling from their eyes like rain
Their touch was gentle, they meant me no harm
Their voices were kind and sweet and warm
How could this be, why for me did they care
I'm just an old, injured worn out mare
They took me away from this desolate place
They gave me food and washed my face
My hurts and pains were taken away
And many come see me now, several times a day
Instead of chasing me with a rope until I can no longer run
They allow me to stand and feel the warmth of the sun
My strength is returning, and my fear is gone
I think at last, long long last, I've crossed the last pasture and made it home....

Sue Crane said...

Cheryl, this is so sad. Clover is very lucky to have been found by you.

I have intimate knowledge of Mexicans in this country purchasing U.S. horses for use in the cruel sport of 'horse tripping' in Mexico.

Although Roque Perez Hernandez may not have been collecting horses for this purpose, it is certain that his black soul had dark intentions for these animals.

I can only hope the justice system does the right thing in this case, unlike our recent mockery of justice here in Habersham County.

Of course, the truly fitting punishment of being locked in a cell with no food or water to languish and die of starvation, is unfortunately not a possibility in the U.S.

Kim Bird said...

OMG Cheryl!! After 20 plus yrs working in Equine rescue I still cannot wrap my mind around how cruel some people truly are or how inadequate our laws are to punish them. I'm with you Doris..I to hope they throw the book at him but the reality is he'll be fined and probably spend 1-2 days in jail tops, if at all, then let loose to do it again with a slap on the wrist! As for no one seeing what was happening...I'm sure they did but either didn't care, didn't want to get involved or had reported incidents in the past only to have our justice system do nothing. Clover is lucky to have you Cheryl. If there's anything I can do let me know.