Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Wooly Ole Gal!

Another one comes in from the auction. This old mare was brought to the auction, just thrown away buy her owners. We offered a whopping $10. for her. She has many stories to tell about her long life and how she ended up at a kill buyer auction but she's not saying a word. She's too busy eating all the grass she can find in our North Georgia pasture. She has the symptoms of having Cushings disease. It is a hormonal imbalance that can be brought under control. We have others with Cushings so it is not a problem for us. We really get great results from a product called Evitex. It is made from Chasteberry. No side effects, just a healthier horse! It is not cheap though. We haven't named this sweet old gal yet but she sure could use a sponsor to help defray costs of her Evitex. It's about $50. a month for her supplement. She also has to eat, get her regular manicures from the farrier, and regular needs. If a few people send a small monthly commitment to sponsor her, we can continue to help her until she finds a special home where she is loved forever.


happyherd50 said...

What a sweet ole gal...thank you for saving her. Rescue horses are priceless.

Horseinc said...

They are priceless. She was very happy to come 'home' with us.