Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Last Change for Strawberry!

One last chance for Strawberry!

After speaking with Dr. Lee, who removed the Strawberry's eye, he wants to examine her and is hoping it is not the cancer returned.

Patti is taking her to Alabama for the appointment. What we need is all your prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts that Dr. Lee will find something curable the local vet didn't.

We do not want her to suffer but we also do not want to euthanize her if there is a cure. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is an aggressive cancer and if it is the cancer causing her problem we will ask Dr. Lee to humanely let her cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

I know I just complained about gas prices. (It costs me $150. to pick up a 28 year old gelding in NC). Patti will drive almost 3 hours one way so the vet visit and gas alone will be costly. The outcome will tell what other costs will occur so if you can spare a dollar, we will greatly appreciate it. Don't forget to spare a prayer and good wish for Strawberry!

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Anonymous said...

Please pray for me and Strawberry as we make the trip back to the vet who treated her with such love we will post as soon as we can on Tuesday to let you know the outcome!