Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storm Passing!

Stormie had an infected sinus when she arrived at the Rescue. Her owners had paid for strong antibiotics for her for 2 years and she still had a foul discharge out of one nostril or the other. Nothing was working. She was 28 at the time. An x-ray showed that some of the infection actually damaged the sinus cavity. We treated her with Oregano Oil and few times and it never returned. No smelly discharge, no discharge at all. She did well. She was a star at the rescue for a few years then a very loving couple came and Stormie put a big hug on Steve, the husband, and it was love for both of them. Linda, the wife, wasn't jealous though, she loved Stormie, too.

Linda and Steve bought a beautiful farm and adopted Stormie and a few other horses. Stormie was always the leader and was treated royally. Over the past few weeks, Stormie was having problems with her liver and her energy level was getting lower and lower. The veterinarians did everything they could. Steve and Linda did everything they could but Stormie passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Stormie's spirit will live on in our hearts. RIP Sweet Stormie.


Peg said...

Oh,how sad. I remember Stormie was up in the same pasture as Spirit when she was at the rescue. They were buds. RIP Stormie.

Anonymous said...

Stormie was one of the sweetest horses at the rescue! She did not know her age and would prance up to her pasture with Spirit and Bella. A big thank you to her adoptive parents who gave her wonderful last years! We will miss you Stormie!