Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Borrowed Sling...bad timing.

We need our own sling.

We can make one.

A sling at a horse rescue is a necessity, really. A sling is also expensive so we don't have one. Thanks to Lori at another Georgia horse rescue, Sunkissed Acres, we had one for a few months. She had one donated and needed it for a downed foal but with great care the foal is up and strong. Lori loaned the sling to us and we really used it. Our 33 year old mare, Sweetie falls or lays down and need help getting up. Once up, she is off and moving just fine. It's the getting up she has a problem with.

Today, Lori called and needs to sling. Tomorrow I am leaving town for a week to visit my elderly relatives and I have volunteers taking care of the farm and checking on Sweetie. The first thing every morning about 6:30, I check to make sure she is up and the last thing at night, about 11 pm, I check on Sweetie. She does consume me sometimes but she is a wonderful horse that gave happiness to so many. She was Cohutta Highlanders Pony Club horse of the year. She evented at Kentucky Horse Park, competed in dressage, games, Eventing and trail riding. She taught so many children to ride and took care of each child who rode her, including my own child! Though Sweetie has never had her own foal, she has raised a few with much love. I am happy to honor her. I am honored to help her. Our wonderful volunteers feel the same way.

The timing is bad because we may need to sling and we don't have one available. We do have some improvised straps that would be used if she goes down or we can call the Milton Fire Dept because they have a donated sling as well. They have used it to save many horses. They are really horse heroes!

I am going to work on getting what we need to make a sling ourselves. The pictures are of the parts of the sling. I know someone knows where and how to make it for less than the $1500. is costs to buy. Put on your thinking caps, please, and help us get our own sling. It will be used well!


Lori said...

I feel so bad Cheryl, I will get this sling back as quickly as we finish with it.

Horseinc said...

You are an angel for letting us use it! I can't thank you enough. Please don't worry. We have the fire dept. Lucky we live close to them.