Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Horses On Their Way!

In the Photo, Strawberry Shortcake really shows her small size next to her miniature parent behind her.

The little Dwarf Miniature Horse along with her Momma Mare, are on a transport heading to Ft Worth, TX. They should arrive by Sunday and be comfortable in the stall to rest up. Then during the week, they will be picked up and brought here to Cumming, GA.

We had to make sure the transporter had extra wood to put between stall in the trailer. Little Strawberry Shortcake can slide or roll under a small space. She only weights about 30 pounds. With a little one like that, special alterations must be thought of ahead of time. She really could get hurt under another horses feet. We tried to think of everything to ensure her safety.

Thank you to all who have donated so far. I will update you all soon. Our costs are Vet for health certificates and coggins for Momma. Coggins are not required in the NW. That is $190. Transport from Oregon to Texas is $750. 00 and the lay over is $10.00 per day. That should only be a few days. Then the cost of transport here from Texas to Georgia is $500.
We will get surgery quotes soon.


Russell's Rascals said...

Whats wrong?

Russell's Rascals said...

What's wrong? her or her Mom? Bless you for getting them here!

Karen Kilheffer said...

Thank you for taking care of the the little mini (dwarf); I plan to donate towards her care. You are saints for your good works with horses

Karen Kilheffer
Denton, MD

izabella said...

aww how cute