Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Endings!

Cortez started his life with someone who wanted to own a horse. As time went on, the owner moved and left Cortez behind. The neighbors cared for him for a while but no one felt Cortez was their horse. Somehow, Cortez injured his neck. He just missed his jugular vein which would have been fatal. That injury gave him a chance to have a new life when a caring neighbor called and asked us to take him.

We picked him up and brought him to the rescue farm. The veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health while we continued to treat his wound until it completely healed. Cortez gained weight, muscle and training to be ready for adoption. He also loved treats a little too much. He became nippy so no treats by hand were allowed to be given to Cortez. We didn't want to to create a 'monster', we wanted to make Cortez a great best friend for the right person. He was still given treats but they were placed in his feed bucket instead of fed by hand. He slowly was worked to do some saddle work and he took to it without a problem. He is very willing to please and is very trusting.

A lady who lost her horse 10 years ago felt ready to finally get herself a new friend. After spending some time with Cortez, she knew he was the one! Cortez left for his new home yesterday. He is with a family of trail riders. He is going to be happy and his new 'Mom' will be happy, too. All the volunteers and supporter of SaveTheHorses make stories like this happen. Thank you all so much.

Don't you love happy endings?


Tammy Billups-Portela said...

Another reason for us all to thank you Cheryl and Save the Horses!!! How wonderful for Cortez that there were those who cared. He is also a special soul because he inspires others through his story and brings happiness to his new guardian.

Jessica said...

What a great ending for Cortez!Sad to see him leave, but sp happy he has found a home!

Anonymous said...

I met Cortez when he came to his new home and can tell you he is where he belongs. I only got to know him for a few weeks, but he definitely has a loving personality. I have moved to a pasture closer to home, but will miss that little boy, he is such a great little horse, willing to please and tries hard to figure out what you are asking him to do.

Danetta said...

I never thought that I would be able to get back into horses after losing my mare. She was my solid ground during those rough teenage years. A constant source of love and friendship. I would go to her whenever I was said and just cry into her mane... and she would stand there and wrap her neck around me and hold me in a hug. Having to defend her body against the buzzards waiting for her to be buried was one of the hardest things I think I have ever done.

It is so crazy how it all came to be that Cortez would come home with me. I barely mentioned in passing to my husband that I might be at a point where I could get back into horses. He contacts my Mom, she finds Save the Horses. It was almost like destiny.

I don't know that I will ever be able to describe the healing that I am going through with having Cortez in my life now. He is such a wonderful horse and he is definitely what I needed. He is so curious, playful and such a sweet soul.

He still is a little nippy. I admit he got me twice, nothing major... but we are working on that. The thing is... He truly does WANT to make you happy and he really tries to do what you ask of him. He is a fast learner and it is so fun helping him a long the way.

I know a lot of people will read his story and be inspired by how Save the Horses saved Cortez. However, I want everyone to know that Save the Horses doesn't only save horses, I am living proof of that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can't wait to help out as much as possible.

So, I would like to end with this. Thank you Save the Horses for rescuing my baby boy and helping me bring him home and thank you to my husband (Glenn) and Mom (Sandy) for going behind my back and getting this whole thing worked out.

Sandy said...

This is all the reassurance I need:
I know a lot of people will read his story and be inspired by how Save the Horses saved Cortez. However, I want everyone to know that Save the Horses doesn't only save horses, I am living proof of that.

I love you and I love Cortez too.....and I too am looking forward to helping Save The Horses....awesome organization and even though you can tell they have alot of responsibility there....they are holding it together.....but need help what ever anyone can do....please do so....