Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Horses Needs Big Money!

Dwarfism is a genetic deformity that can

happen to miniature horses.

 has 4 dwarfs and 2 miniature horses with dwarf characteristics. We have never had the opportunity to get a dwarf young enough to correct the twisted limbs they were born with. Though we have tried finding a veterinarian to do surgery, it was too late for all of our dwarfs. Our farrier, Marian Figley, is doing a wonderful job working on their little crooked hooves though.

We have been contacted buy the owner of a dwarf filly born in May and young enough to do surgery. I already contacted 2 surgeons willing to do it. It will cost a minimum of $2000. but we feel it is very worth the cost. There is one more major problem, this little filly, Strawberry Shortcake, is located near Eugene, Oregon and we are near Atlanta, GA.

We really need to raise money for surgery and transport. It is about 2700 miles and Strawberry Shortcake's miniature mom will come along and become part of as well.

We estimate we need $5000. to commit to help Strawberry Shortcake survive and thrive to a good and long life.

Please help if you can and please cross post and pass on for Starwberry Shortcake! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just donated $50 through PayPal. I hope you raise the money in time! Thanks for all you do to help these amazing animals.

Horseinc said...

Thank you so much. Every dollar gets us closer. I will post what we have in donations. Many people have donated directly and didn't use Chip in which is fine, it all goes to the same thing, horses!