Monday, October 22, 2012

A Horses Destiny is Our Choice

Destiny, a Craigslist find
Craigslist posts has free and inexpensive horses needing new homes everyday. Some horse owners are willing to dump their horses to the first person with a horse transport trailer who shows up. Where is the horse going? Some people don't care, just take it away and they are free of their responsibly. A horses fate is in our hands if we are willing to help. There are people who can walk away from an animal in danger. There are those who find a way to help. 

One local family was looking for a horse when they came across this big mare. Destiny is a Percheron mare that a family saved from Craigslist. She was very thin, had bad feet but she was not the horse they needed for their little 6 year old. They couldn't leave her behind. They didn't feel she was safe where she was but they didn't feel they were knowledgeable enough to make her healthy. Instead of walking away, they found a solution. They brought Destiny home and called and asked for help. 

Destiny loves carrots. Sandra is enjoying feeding her treats. 
 We have gotten many malnourished many horses and changed their lives. It was a 'yes' we will come and get her when this family called. Destiny was a handful, hard to handle and pushy on the ground  She is big and strong, surely not a 6 year old child's horse. Destiny needs to gain a few hundred pounds to fill on each rib and get strong enough to carry a rider and become healthy. After a month of good nutrition, plus good farrier work by Mele Miller, we moved her to our 100 acre grass pasture in Chickamuaga Georgia. She can gain weight and get her body exercised and build muscle on that big pasture.  
Destiny getting love at Chickamauga

This family still wants a perfect horse for their 6 year old. We have a 'yes' to that too. Caraway is a 20 something Appaloosa mare.


 She came to us through animal control a few years ago. It didn't take us long to find her a home. She was adopted to a 10 year old boy named Wiley. She was a perfect, gentle horse for Wiley because he was fragile from the brain cancer that was he was fighting at the time. It was in remission and Wiley spent many hours with Caraway. They were both gentle souls and loved one another. Within 2 years, the cancer overtook Wiley and he passed away. It was so heartbreaking to be involved in this. How can this happen to a child? Life is so unfair. I am so grateful that SaveTheHorses could make Wiley's life happy even for such a short time. Partnering a special boy with a special horse is such an honor. 
After Wiley's was laid to rest. his family knew Caraway could give another child the love she gave Wiley. They were right. Caraway is now the constant companion of that little 6 year old , Meg, and she is making another child smile everyday. 

Caraway and Meg

Rescue is many things. Rescue is everything. It is a fragile circle that rescuers live within. You all know and join in that circle even though we know it can bring heartache and pain at anytime but the moments of joy make it all worth the efforts. 

There is a home for every horse. It takes time and effort and compassionate people like you to keep a rescue running and helping more and more horses. 

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Nicole Peters said...

This is such a beautiful story and so true to heart. Thank God for Save the Horses! Without it so many horses would have seen a different fate. It has been such a joy to be a part of the rescue and see horses come in that look so bad you wonder if they will make it. Months later those same horses are beautiful, filled out and full of life. This is a testament to the love and care of the rescue and how things turn out so differently from just one phone call.