Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Piggy Needs a Piggy Bank!

When I pulled up at animal control, they were already closed. It was Saturday after 5. They had called and asked SaveTheHorses.org to please take a young potbellied pig. I understand employees want to go home but I hoped someone was around. I walked around toward the back of the building and saw an Officer I recently picked up two neglected horses with. He opened the door and one of the ladies was holding this cute little piggy in her arms.  

He quietly sat in the basket all the way back to the farm. He was in instant hit with all volunteers and visitors. 
Kressa loves Junior

We have a wonderful white pig who came from Fulton County Animal services several years ago. He is aging and is having a harder time getting up to eat. Sometimes, we have to help him up. His name is Arnold Swartzenhogger. Everyone wants to know what we will call this new little guy. I think in honor of old Arnold, we should call him Junior, Arnold Swartezhogger , Jr. People come and Junior oinks at them, especially when you have Cheerios. He is like a little vacuum cleaner. You put Cheerios in your hand and his little snout wiggles and poof, they are gone that fast. He was doing well until one of the little visitors didn't close his gate and he thought he's go on a farm adventure and disappeared. He was lost. When the volunteers discovered him missing, we organized a search party! After searching in the barn, for what seemed like hours,  he was found burrowed in the shavings in a back stall. Most of the horses were out in the pastures enjoying the great weather so we didn't think they hurt him. He walked fine. He seemed very frightened and just trembled when we put him back in his piggy area. We left him alone so he could relax again. Later he ate a little fresh food and seemed to drink extra water but nothing too much to worry about. The next morning he still wasn't his Cheerio loving self. Everyone came and held him gently, cuddling him like the baby his is. He seems to enjoy the attention but still was acting lethargic. It was now Sunday so any veterinarian charge was going to be an emergency call but he needed some help.   After examining him, the vet said his temperature was low. He gave him some antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicines and told me to keep him warm tonight. No real answer but he slept comfortably. 

Dr Kim Parker and Junior
After making an appointment with a Roswell veterinarian, I took him to  Dr Kim Parker, who, after an hour of examining him,  discovered he had a broken jaw. She made an appointment for yet another veterinarian who is more familiar with pigs and will do surgery today, Oct. 16th. She said it would be a two hour surgery. From examining him, it looks like two fractures but she didn't want to sedate him unnecessarily so she will xray him before she the surgery. Of course, sedating any pig is dangerous. Please she a prayer for our little guy.

Since the surgeon is 20 miles away, they said I could leave him but I decided to bring him home. I wanted to love on him last night and make sure he had some nutrition and strength for the surgery  We need to give him every chance. 
I have him some oral vitamins along with soaked Cheerios with bananas. He slowly ate it out of my hand. His little jaw will feel much better after today. 

We don't have the answer as to how he broke his jaw. Only a few horses were in the barn. Could it have been a donkey or one of the goats? It could have or he could have gotten caught under a stall or or something. At least we know the problem and it is solvable. Costly, yes. Three vets and a surgery. He needs a big piggy bank, literally! 

If you can help fill this Piggy's piggy bank to pay the vet bills, please help.
Thank you. 


liferays said...

How's Piggy doing?

Horseinc said...

Update. When Junior was xrayed, the vet, Dr Fran, said his jaw was fractured but his bones were weak, too weak to surgically add a wire to hold his jaw. She said during his first days weeks of his life, he was suffering from malnutrition. He had worms and was suffering from a bad skin irritation. This caused his bones to be weak. We are going to continue to feed him good nutritious feed and re-examine him in a weak. We will see if his jaw will start to fuse together or make a decision to have surgery. He spent the night at the vets office. I am picking him up tomorrow. He's going to get a big hug and lots of love.