Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Farm Inspector is a Goat!

Pebbles the Inspector!
Getting things ready around the farm makes some animals take notice. What was going on here? 

We were going to paint the picnic tables  so we turned them over to paint the underside hoping to make them last longer. Your donations are needed to buy food and hay and pay vet bills for the horses. We really don't want to spend any extra money on picnic tables so we try and make everything last as long as possible. One of the volunteers replaced some rotted wood so we were ready to start painting. 

Pebbles and Goliath
Along comes Pebbles, a very nosy goat who appointed herself  'Picnic Table Inspector'. She knew something was going on and she needed to make sure we 'humans' knew what we were doing. Right behind Pebbles, was Goliath, the Chihuahua, who Pebbles appointed 'Vice Inspector' of picnic tables. 

Pebbles didn't have a mother to teach her so I am guessing she was born a genius. She was found by some city folks who took her to a wildlife sanctuary in Stone Mountain, Georgia called AWARE.  The family thought they had found an abandoned baby deer. It was a good rescue on their part. They wanted to save this little innocent soul and got involved. AWARE called and told us the mistake, it is a baby goat not a fawn, and that they do not do farm animals. One of the AWARE volunteers brought Pebbles to SaveTheHorses Farm and she quickly became a favorite to all visitors. 

We 'humans' have an election coming up in  a little over a week. Zillions of dollars are spent on campaigns ads, truths are told, lies are told and we 'humans' have to make major decisions and pick our leaders. The world at the rescue farm is not like that. These animals take it upon themselves to 'get the job' done when they see a job needing help. No campaigning, no voting, no money spend. They just appoint themselves and take over.  They are leaders!  

Pebbles watching over Roy
When our retired Carriage horse, Roy, was having some physical problems, Pebbles was there to make sure he was safe. 

We 'humans' learn a lot from the animals here are the farm everyday. is a all volunteer, non profit organization that cares for unwanted horses and farm animals. A no-kill shelter located in Cumming GA.

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