Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Lil' Hump Of Love!

'Eh, Why don't you put that horse down?', someone said to me in disdain.'

Why? I answered. 

Most visitors to the Save The Horses rescue farm see beyond the disabilities, They look into the heart and souls of our horses.

The lady asking me about the little horse was referring to Lil Humphrey. 

This Miniature horse came to the rescue a few years ago as a 4 year old. He came from a local breeder. I guess the breeder thought he shouldn't breed Lil Humphrey because he may breed that hump into another horse. Good thinking! At 4 years old, his hump was still growing. It looks like Kyphosis or Scoliosis that humans get. It was worrisome watching his hump get bigger and bigger. We surely didn't want it to cripple him. Finally when he turned 5, it stopped where it is. The vet said we should not have him gelded because his organs at being pulled in different directions internally and Anesthesia could be fatal. I sure do not want stallions here but he is an exception. I would never forgive myself if we decided to geld him and he died during the anesthetic. I didn't want to have to isolate him but I couldn't have a stallion causing havoc either.

Right about that time, we took in, Rowdy, a little mini gelding with some dwarfism. He was sent down from an auction in Pennsylvania. Lil Hump and Rowdy became best buddies. They both love to play and run. 

They look as though they are playing rough but they never hurt one another. They are both favorites of many who come to the farm. Horses do not judge another horse by how they look. These guys prove that everyday. 

Humans can learn so much about relationships from horses. Horses 
keep you honest. I tried to add this video 4 times .. unsuccessfully so please click here and ENJOY! I think you will agree, he is not aware of any disability.

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