Monday, February 7, 2011

Blind Mare Finds 2 Caring Rescue Organizations!

Animal Control in North Georgia called the local horse rescue, Sunkissed Acres, asking for help with a mare that is not only in foal but blind. They are full and busy with an abused filly who was fighting for her life. Offering help with the filly since we have lots of experienced downed horses, I found out this mare needed to get out of animal control ASAP.
Sunkissed was doing such a great job with the filly, she was starting to stand on her own. So our help went to the blind mare. We have 3 blind horses now and have had many over the years. Blind horses have a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to get to know them.
Brooke and I drove 2 plus hours one way to pick her up. She was with a sweet little stallion that is being held on a court case. The blind mare, Momma Helen, was a little afraid to be haltered but she walked bravely to the trailer when asked to move. She had to walk up a hill, change terrain onto the asphalt then step up into the horse trailer. She did it all willingly, what a sweet girl.
Sunkissed Acres has already found a home for this mare in western New York. Hopefully, when the vet comes to do the health certificate for traveling, she will give up the OK for her to travel safely that long distance. She is in good weight and seems good health. Our transporter is very experienced and we are confident all will go well.
We are lucky to enjoy the company of Momma Helen until she leaves, which is scheduled for this Friday. I know the many volunteers at the rescue farm would love to have her stay and raise that baby here. We do have experience with blind mares foaling. There were many sleepless nights and many sad and happy tears but all turned out well with 24 hours volunteers for several months, that was Acey and Pumpkin. "Put a bell on the baby so Mom knows where he is," we were advised. It worked well until Pumpkin laid down. Then Acey panicked, stepped on Pumpkins legs. He ended up with 3 leg casts until we actually separated them except to nurse. We put up a half wall so Acey could smell Pumpkin. I could tell you some stories, believe me! So I am quite happy an experienced blind mare home was found.
Support your local horse rescue, they are there to help horses like Momma Helen. No one was lining up at Animal Control to take this sweet blind mare except Sunkissed Acres and Save The Horses.


Anonymous said...

Here is the entire threat of the little filly and the blind mare, as posted on COTH:
Looks like they are fundraising for the filly and also collecting "Thank you" cards for the man that got her away from her abusive home.

Anonymous said...

That would be THREAD. No threats. Don't you just love typos?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking such great care of sweet Mama Helen. She's in good hands, for sure!