Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't want to bore you but this is not horse related but it is rescue related. Michele, my sister, and I were driving down East Cherokee Road during the heavy rain last night. It was dusk and I was driving carefully with the wind shied wipers doing their dance to keep my windows clear so I could see. At the same moment, we both saw this black dog running along side the road. He looked like he had good weight but we couldn't tell what kind of dog he was. There was a driveway about 500 feet ahead so I pulled in to sort of head him off. The dog was still running toward us. We got out of the truck and realized he wasn't a dog, it was a pig, actually a wild BOAR! Well, that didn't stop us from helping.

Michele got the birdseed bag I just purchased and started to make a trail of birdseeds for the boar to follow. I stood behind the truck on the roadside to stop him from going into the road. It was rush hour and people were speeding past us. It was pouring rain, we were drenched. The boar stopped to eat the seeds. If you look closely at the picture, you can see him eating the seeds. (the light colored circles are birdseeds). He was kind of cute for a wild hog. Black with white sox. He had missing hair patches in several spots on his body. He snorted a lot too.
He wasn't afraid of us all all. When the birdseed bag was empty, Michele headed back toward the truck. Just then, Mr Boar ran into the road. Cars were coming from one direction and an 18 wheeler from the other. I ran into the road yelling. 'STOP', as I was waving my hands to stop the traffic. The boar must have thought I was yelling at him . His hackles raised, he snorted and came running toward me. I ran and jumped on the back of the truck! I was proud of myself. I did good for an old girl. Then I saw canned dog food with pop tops and handed them to Michele. She opened a few cans and tossed the smelly dog food deeper into the trail and the boar followed.
We felt he was safe and left for our original destination. I drove back an hour later and there was no sign of Mr Boar. I felt good. I hope you don't consider this a BOARing rescue!


Becky said...

Wow are you brave! Congrats on being such a nice person and taking on such an unusual rescue

izabella said...

wow you found a boar nice job both of you hace fun taking care of it! :)