Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy New Homes to the TN 30!

It took so much more time that anyone ever anticipated to take 30 horses bought from a Tennessee auction to go home, to their new homes. in November, my neighbor bought a group of horses from an auction and offered them for sale for $75. each. They are mostly young, untrained horses, most in need of groceries. Once the word got out, people came from everywhere offering help, picking the ones that they thought were the cutest, the most needy, or had that special look they wanted. A few horses left with the new owners the first week but Strangles, a very contagious horse virus, spread through the herd and they became quarantined until last Sat. February 19th. Finally!

There was a lot of quick lessons in haltering, leading, trailer loading, begging, pretty pleasing and fun. It was a long day and the last horse that left decided to take the challenge of being the slowest, hardest loader. He was just scared for his life. He must have been through a terrible ordeal to totally mistrust humans. He was lucky though, his new human said she will wait a year or two if that's what it takes to finally trust her. I think it will be sooner though. It all is going to be a good experience for these lucky horses.
There are still two young sorrel/chestnut colored mares. They may be 3-4 years old.
They are frightened but know who fills the feed buckets. They whinny as they see you coming to feed. They will be coming around to be great horses soon.

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