Thursday, February 10, 2011

We couldn't say No!

Yes, it can be a problem but when we see a really needy horse, the one most people pass up, we instead, embrace the horse. So we did it again. We said no more Camelot auction horses because transport and expenses are so high, but we bought 576 this morning.

Our auction coordinator, Libby, just looked at the auction horses posted and this mare tugged at her heart. A big hearted person just can't look the other way. They said this mare is much worse that she looks and is actually staggering and nearly falling down. She can't go too far from the auction which is in New Jersey. Libby found a foster home to quarantine her and feed her slowly so she can get well enough and strong enough to travel.
As disheartening as it is that horse owners let this happn to their once beloved horses, it is so gratifying to know there are so many people willing to donate to help this horse, pay for her needs and send her good thoughts and prayers. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby, sounds like she was an amish Horse, there are a lot of them at Camelot. Used up and thrown away. So happy for a good outcome for her.

izabella said...

im happy now she made it somewere were she would be safe