Monday, February 14, 2011

Momma Helen Update

Momma Helen, blind and pregnant, is doing really well. If you go down the blog, a few posts, you'll find her first post story. We met Lori at Animal Control last Monday. Helen was rather hard to catch. You wouldn't think a blind horse could get away from someone that easily but we were trying to be very gentle. She was in a large paddock area with a stallion. We had no idea what she'd been through or how she ended up at animal control so we only wanted to show her kindness. We are very patient. One of the animal control workers came out after 10 or so minutes. I guess he thought we were taking too long, so he came in to 'help' and just jumped on Helen's neck and forced the halter on her. She was very skittish but kind. He said, 'She kicks, watch out.' The stallion with her was very thin. You could see his bones under the two blankets he had on. There was no shelter but a tree. There were traces of hay in a small pile. We all were concerned about his condition. We were told he is an abuse case and will there for a while longer. It is an under funded animal control that does what they can. Helen was calm when she came off the trailer. We put her in a stall and gave her an alfalfa/orchard grass hay and a small amount of grain. She is in fair condition but here in Georgia, we have fescue grass growing in fields. It can be harmful to pregnant mares. You can't tell it is infected or not. Fescue can cause abortion, thickened placenta, or lack of milk so we are happy to give her an expensive hay, it is worth the price. She's been here a week. She is friendly, simple to catch and trusts people now. It is nice to see the progress. She never offered to kick at all. I think it was the animal control man she wanted to kick. She likes everyone here. Kindness goes a long way.
Our vet said Helen is good to travel but must be treated very gently. The transporter assured me he would be extremely careful. I spoke with Shelly in New York who is taking her. She has foaling experience and has a blind 3 y o gelding. The delay has been the snow storm in the Midwest where the transporter is. He said late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Lori paid for the vet and health certificate and the $500. for transport. It has been our pleasure to keep her safe until she goes 'home'.

Now that skinny stallion stayed on my mind. On Tuesday, I sent a volunteer back to animal control with a large round bale of hay and some Safe Choice grain and fat supplements. my opinion is, he needs hay in front of him at all times. They said he is on a special diet and they will consult with the vet. I plan on calling the vet to see if we can help. We also told animal control we will furnish food for him anytime. Many Georgia animal controls are struggling. We have supplied dog and cat food to other animal controls in rural areas as well. We run Fido's Soup Kitchen, giving pet food to needy animals when owners are having problems. We also have a hay bank providing hay and grain for horse owners in financial trouble. The majority of people looking for help love their animals very much. Their pets eat before they do. I hope help can be found for any folks struggling with their pets needs. We are all in this together. All your help is appreciated very much!

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Jessica said...

Mama Helen is a sweet girl! I hope the stallion ends up with as many loving people helping him as Mama Helen has.