Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet Whisper

Meet Whisper
She arrived from Tampa at 2 am Friday ( 1/28/11) morning, The weatherman said it would be 35 degrees but when I went out to the barn to meet the transporter, frost covered the ground. She had a nice cozy box stall for the 8 hours ride but when the door opened and she stepped out, she started to tremble. It was from the cold and from the new environment. A new barn, no familiar people or horse friends she has know for a long time. She was frightened. Her eyes were wide as we walked into the half lit barn. We put her in a stall and I throw a blanket on her right away. I gave her a a quarter bale of hay to keep her warm during the night and hopefully, get her relaxed in her new 'home'.
Her racing name is Whisper of Light. She is very sweet and quiet. She's easy to handle and is getting used to the rescue farm and all the critters. She is used to being around Thoroughbred horses, not dogs, goats, sheep, miniature horses, dwarf horses...what kind of place is this? Whisper has had only one owner and one trainer in her career. She is retiring from racing sound and ready for an awesome life as a dressage prospect or a very pretty trail horse. She did train for two years in dressage in between racing years. She is a 16.0 hh gray mare turning eight this year. She has never been lame. She gets along with other mares but has never been out with geldings. She is kind but needs an experienced rider. She has no vices or bad habits. She is curious and would love to learn some ground work and horse games to play with her human.
She needs a new home and a new personal human. She is waiting for that special someone to be best friends.

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georgiashebear said...

She is absolutely beautiful Cheryl