Monday, January 24, 2011

'No Good' Horses at Auctions

Go to a horse auction and you will see only old, crippled, lame , sick horses that need to be slaughtered.

That's what the Pro-Slaughter people say. It certainly is not true. We have proof over and over that is not true.
Here is an example of a horse we purchased for $50.00 (fifty dollars!) at the TN horse auction a few weeks ago. This Quarter Horse type gelding, Chief, is about 5 years old. He was a little underweight but it gaining nicely. He could easily have been in the kill pen sent to Mexico to be slaughtered for human consumption a few days after the auction. Chief was lucky a SaveTheHorses volunteer was there to save him. What's even better is, he has already been adopted but a young Cowboy, Lex, who loves him dearly. This 'no good' horse is actually quite good and perfect for a child with limited horse experience to ride off into the sunset. They will enjoy many years together because all the volunteers and supporters at care about the welfare of horses.

When someone says horse slaughter is necessary and tells you about the 'no good' horses at the auctions, you speak up for the horses and tell them about Chief. I know Lex and his family will be forever grateful we saved Chief. We are grateful they saw his beauty and ability and opened their hearts to him.


Anonymous said...

This Horse looks way too sweet to be called Chief, may be just my memories of the other Chief

Anonymous said...

So glad the comments feature works again here, was wondering why nobody ever had anything to say.

Windsor said...

We just have to look at weekly auction reports to see that a lot of really fine Horses are being ridden thru, often by children. Not sure why people think it's only really lame, skinny Horses. The killers prefer the healthy ones anyway. So sad, flad this guy had a nice ending.

Anonymous said...

I have two auction horses in my pasture right now ... one is a registered Arabian (former) racehorse bred by the Bellamy Brothers. Paid $150 for him. At 23, he acts like he's 10 yrs younger, and I don't even have him on senior feed. The other is a QH that a killer buyer was bidding on. He is now in training to be my Cowboy Mounted Shooting horse. I paid $300 for him at about 1,200 lbs. He is massive.

Windsor said...

This guy even wrote a song about his slaughterbound auction Horse, wish they could all find an owner like him:
May have to copy and past, I don't know how to embed

Peg said...

Amen Sista !