Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who are You? Continued

So #423 at the Camelot auction waits his fate.

Our auction coordinator, Elizabeth, got going. She knows we want the horses other may not see the beauty in; the old, used, abused and ill. She started posting for donation as a last minute attempt to save this #423. One hundred, two hundred, thirty dollars, ten dollars, fifty dollars, it all kept adding up, big and small donations. We had to get enough to bail him out of his 'cell'.

Then we had to arrange for him to stay safe and fed while we arranged transport to his quarantine farm. Horses at auctions are stressed. They are vulnerable to get viruses, germs run a muck with so many horses together from different situations. Quarantining is important but it is another expense. Then transport from New Jersey to Georgia can be $2.00 a mile. Elizabeth worked on that next. Time, dates, what kind of trailer, a safe experienced transport company. It's all about rescue. There are many facets to it. It takes many people to save the horses and we saved #423.

Who are you #423? Now #423 is known as Rusty. He has a little girl who loves him. She sees his beauty. She spends time with him every day. Dakota and Rusty are soul mates. Dakota grooms him, kisses him and lays down next to him. Rusty has a happy ending because of people who care. People whose eyes see into the hearts and souls of horses.

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