Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Have Catfish At The Rescue Farm

Catfish at the Horse Rescue?

This is not your ordinary Catfish. Our Catfish is a mule and he's a handsome mule at that. A good friend of mine, Belinda, was moving and taking her horses with her to Colorado. There wasn't room in the trailer for Catfish so we agreed to let him stay here until she could get back to pick him up, that was over a year ago.

The longer Catfish was here, the more I know he belonged here. He gets attention for many visitors and, as you can see by the photo, he gives attention to visitors. In this photo, Catfish was asking Judy to call Belinda, so he could talk to her about living here and not going all the way to Colorado. She agreed after Catfish told her about all the fun he was having!

He knew living on 22,000 (yes, twenty two thousand acres) would be fun but he may not see another human for days. Here at the rescue, he see people everyday. He gets into trouble,, causes chaos, has great horse friends and is very happy. After he was here two months, we decided he's a keeper. He's here to stay.

Stuart, a young Palomino gelding, and Catfish were playing the the ring together. Catfish didn't like the halter Stuart had he managed to take it off. One of the teens took a great short video of the amazing action ....

See the video here: Catfish

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