Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who Are You?

When a horse is sent to an auction, he doesn't have much to say. He is voiceless except to the other horses who may be confused or even terrified because of their uncertainty. This horse may have lived with a family for the past 10 years. He may have been treated kindly or maybe not but he usually had a routine and accepted it. He didn't have much choice. He depended on his owner. He had to. Now he was sent to an auction in NJ, called Camelot. This is not the castle in King Arthur's version. It is a place where horses can be sent to slaughter if purchased by the wrong person. Why? Was he too old to work any longer? To lame to ride? Too old? People at the auction saw him. They looked at his worn body, his teeth and his tired eyes. What did they see? When they asked, "Who are you?', all he could do was show them his sticky white tag on his hip # 423. That's all he was. No name, no story, no home.

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