Friday, January 21, 2011

Reining Horses? No, Raining Horses!

Raining cats and dogs is a phrase we all heard but don't take literally. Today, my phone rang with so many horses in need, I feel like it is raining horses, literally.

Timber in the picture, is a 16 hand, 6 year old Thoroughbred mare. Timber was bred to run. She raced but was injured. The owner had paid for surgery to remove the bone chips from her knee hoping she would be able to race again. She seemed sound but not sound enough to race. The owner tried breeding Timber but she didn't get pregnant. She is in need of a safe home. She is a great pasture companion and gets along with other horses. She needs a home ASAP. She is located near Tampa, FL.

Then there is

.. 3 year old grey Thoroughbred mare, just off the track and ready for a new career. Located in Tampa, FL. Sound and pretty.

2 Appaloosa mares, 1 baby mule, 1 miniature donkey and 1 quarter horse in desperate need.

That's 10 horses just today. I have alist of others from this week. A blind mare named Molly, a saddlebred gelding, oh so so many horses needing new homes.

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